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Founded nearly a decade ago, CannaSafe—the first ISO-accredited cannabis testing lab in the world—relentlessly champions the safe cannabis and hemp movement. With integrity at the heart of who we are, CannaSafe is a full-service analytical testing laboratory operating 24/7 to ensure that cannabis and hemp-derived products are safe and effective for medicinal and recreational use. CannaSafe is also deeply committed to the community and focuses on social equity, consumer education, and patient advocacy.


At CannaSafe, we believe in our people and the relationships we foster with our clients. We value integrity, work ethic, perseverance, and empathy. We seek to find people who are bright, creative, and desire to change the world of cannabis and hemp in a profound and meaningful way. We value team players, people who are more concerned with what’s right rather than who’s right.

Our people are inspired, unafraid, encouraged to speak up, bring ideas to the table, and be a conduit for transformative change, always keeping our client's and consumers' safety top of mind. CannaSafe strives to retain its position as the leader in cannabis and hemp safety by investing in and developing a diverse and passionate team as our clients' industry and needs evolve.

In the pursuit of safe cannabis and hemp for humankind, we're all in this together.


CannaSafe is accredited for EVERY compliance test they offer.

• Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. | ISO/IEC 17025:2017

• American Council of Independent Laboratories | Members of the Cannabis Working Group (CWG)

• Americans for Safe Access | Patient Focus Certification

• Emerald Scientific | Awarded 10 Proficiency Badges


Potency Analysis

Potency testing measures the medicinal strength or efficacy of cannabinoids to confirm your product will cause a desired effect or intensity.

Terpene Analysis

Terpene testing profiles the cannabis to help identify strains and help uncover the potential effects of a particular flower or product.

Pesticide Screening

Pesticides can be dangerous for human consumption and any substance used to deter, repel, or destroy insects or other organisms.

Full Panel Packages

Potency, Mycotoxin, heavy metals etc. CannaSafe's full package analysis on your ingestible or topic, flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates.

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