Terpene Name


What is it?

Eucalyptol is an herbal terpene that gives off a Sweet, Woody, and Fruity aroma and is known for enhancing memory while boosting cognitive energy.


Balsamic, Citrus, Herbaceous, Fruity, Sweet, Vanilla, Minty, Spicy, Woody

Vaporizes At:

348ºF (176ºC)

Potential Effects:

Long-lasting pain relief, Relaxation

Potential Therapeutic Properties:

Can help enhance memory while boosting cognitive energy.

Also Found In:

Naturally found in Eucalyptus, Tea tree, and many other plants.

Additional Notes:

Studies have found that Eucalyptol may also have a role to play in fighting Alzheimer’s disease, an irreversible and progressive brain disorder. Studies have found that it works by reducing neuroinflammation and possibly by improving memory and cognition.